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Posted By SB Support on Tuesday, May 10, 2011
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Disqus and SpeedBlog Integration

SpeedBlog uses a plugin based architecture at its core. Starting with v2.00.04, this was extended to comments as well. This allows SpeedBlog users to choose Disqus comments as the comment provider. This post explains how to configure Disqus comments for SpeedBlog.


Sign up for a Disqus Account

To begin with you need a disqus account. And unless you’re minting mad money, its usually free

Sign up for disqus


Create an Application

Once you’re done signing up, create your application by visiting http://disqus.com/api/applications/register/

Register your application with disqus

Create a site

Once you’re logged in, hit the Dashboard and add a site (forum)

Add a disqus site

Create a Forum

Setup your site URL, the site name and the Site Shortname. The site Short name is referred to as Forum and you will need this unique value to be setup in SpeedBlog.

Find out the API keys for your site.

Head over to http://disqus.com/api/applications/ and find out the Secret Key and Public Key for your application

Disqus API Key


Configure SpeedBlog with Disqus

Head over to SpeedBlog Settings and enter the Forum Shortname (the unique site identifier without .disqus.com), the Public Key and the Secret key.

Configure Disqus settings in SpeedBlog



Pay attention to which one is public and which one is Secret key.

Hit Save and you’re done! Its that easy to configure SpeedBlog with Disqus. You can enable Disqus as yoru default comment provider by visiting Blog Settings or you can choose it on a per post basis.

What about SEO?

We’ve got you covered. Just that we won’t talk about it Smile just as yet.


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