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Posted By SB Support on Monday, May 09, 2011
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imageStarting with version 2, SpeedBlog provides a full featured integration with Facebook. This post describes how to setup your Facebook Application, configure SpeedBlog to use the Application, give SpeedBlog publishing rights and use Facebook comments. To start, we need to create our facebook application.

Create a new Facebook App


Sign up or Login to your Facebook developer’s account and then click on the link to Setup a new App.




Setting up an App may seem like a lot of work but its much easier if you realize that you can leave most of the settings to default. Following are the settings you need to pay attention to:

  • Application Name: This will be visible to everyone when SpeedBlog makes updates. Make sure you choose this carefully.
  • Site URL:  Make sure you set your site URL to be the same as your domain name. For example: http://dnnspeedblog.com/ is a valid site URL for dnnspeedblog.com but this won’t work for any other site. Use the domain name of your site.

Once you are done creating your app, make a note of the APPID, the APIKEY and the APPSECRET




Configure SpeedBlog to use Facebook

To configure SpeedBlog to use the Facebook Application you just created, head over to the settings and enter the App ID, API Key and the App Secret under the Facebook Settings



Using Facebook as your Comments Provider

You can use Facebook as your Comments Provider on an entire Blog by editing the Blog settings and choosing Facebook as your comment Provider. Or, you can choose to have this enabled on a per post basis from the Post Options.


Posting to Facebook Wall

To allow SpeedBlog to post to your wall (or any number of walls/users), you need to setup your Blog with a Facebook account just like another Status Update account. head over to Blog settings, click on the Facebook connect icon and you should be all set!




Please note that the update template is common between twitter and Facebook but that applies only to the first line when posted on Facebook. The rest of the story is managed automatically for you.

What about SEO?

We’ve got you covered. Just that we won’t talk about it.


If you have any questions, please do let us know


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