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Posted By SB Support on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Setting up Twitter + SpeedBlog Integration

From the Main Admin Control, click on Manage Blogs.

SpeedBlog Admin Panel



For the Blog that you wish to add Twitter updates to, click the Change button.

Blog Settings


Scroll down to the Status Updates section and click on the Add Twitter Account.

Twitter Accounts setup

You’d see a dialogue box asking for your permissions. Watch out for the twitter id you are authenticating and allowing permissions to post on your behalf.

Setting up permissions for SpeedBlog to use Twitter


Configuring Update Template

Once you click on allow button, you’d be taken back to the Manage Blogs page. There’s just one more step. You need to specify the template that SpeedBlog will use to post your updates. A sample template is shown below.

SpeedBlog Twitter Update Template


You can use any of the substitution variables to fill in the template. You can have updates posted to as many twitter accounts as you like. (You can set up multiple twitter accounts for the same Blog that will post the updates. That’s all that is required to publish automatic updates to twitter.

Few things to note

  • For the purpose of updates all your tags will be pre-pounded /converted to hash tags. This does not change the behavior on SpeedBlog, just the way they are published to twitter.
  • At present, SpeedBlog will post status updates to Twitter only once, the first time your post is published. This may change based on your feedback, please do let us know in what other cases you’d like SpeedBlog to post an update.
  • You can have multiple twitter accounts to which an update is sent.
  • Different Blogs can have different associated twitter account/accounts. This allows you to separate not just the templates with which a post is updated but also have different accounts tweet different posts.

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