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Posted By SB Support on Monday, February 21, 2011


imageSpeedBlog v1.0.92 incorporates direct bit.ly integration. This post describes how to enable it, set it up and use it as part of your everyday blogging needs. If you’re a Pro or Enterprise licensee, SpeedBlog also provides seamless integration with image so that you can have your own custom domain for shorter URLs.

Sign up for a bit.ly Account


Sign up for bit.ly account

Signing up for a bit.ly account is easy. Just fire up your browser to http://bit.ly and complete one of the shortest forms out there and verify your email.

Sign up for bit.ly account

You can start shortening your URLs right away. To integrate with SpeedBlog, goto http://bit.ly/a/account and make a note of the API key.

bit.ly Account settings show your API Key

Setting up SpeedBlog for bit.ly

To setup SpeedBlog integration with bit.ly, login as host into your DotNetNuke portal, go to the SpeedBlog Settings and type in your bit.ly account (username) and the API key

Add the API key to SpeedBlog settings


Using shorter URLs

If you’ve setup everything correctly, SpeedBlog will automatically use the shorter URLs wherever the number of characters in a link is at a premium. SpeedBlog will also automatically default to generating URLs for custom domains if you have a image Pro account.  You can also use the shorter url in your custom Theme template by using the <%= SpeedBlog_ShortURL%> variable substitution tag in your .ascx control file.

A small but important note: The bit.ly settings are common to an entire portal so if you’re using SpeedBlog on multiple portals, you may need to do this step multiple times. All blogs within a portal share the same bit.ly account settings.


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