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Posted By SB Support on Monday, July 05, 2010

Confugure Akismet and SpeedBlog

We cannot stand SPAM. Neither should you. The awesome folks at Akismet built an almost fool proof system that cuts down on SPAM by almost 95%.  SpeedBlog uses Akismet in addition to its own bot filtering. So your visitors won’t have to deal with mind numbing ugly captchas anywhere. Let’s restore some innocence to blogging and lets never talk about captchas again.

This manual describes how to configure Akismet spam filtering on your SpeedBlog installation.

Applicable to versions 01.00.01 or higher.

Get your API key.

If you have a wordpress Blog or a Gravatar accout, you already are halfway there.

Login to your Wordpress dashboard . Go to personal Settings and locate your API key which looks a little like below:

Finding your Akismet API key.

If you do not have a Wordpress or Akismet or Gravatar account yet, you can get one easily by signing up for a wordpress account.

Your Akismet API key is like a password. Do not share it with anybody. SpeedBlog versions prior to Beta 2 used to hide this key once entered. We’ve temporarily disabled this feature since some folks couldn’t understand how it works in the first place. In very near future, we would re-enable encryption of the API key again.

Provide your API key to SpeedBlog

Click on the Portal Settings Button

Akismet Settings are available at the Portal Settings section


Enter your API key into the Akismet API key text input field.

Enter your API key

You cannot enable Akismet immediately. Click save and let SpeedBlog verify that the API key actually works. If it doesn’t, SpeedBlog will clear it and you need to verify again. You can enable Akismet once your API key has been validated.

Using Akismet

Once you enable Akismet SPAM filtering, it will be applied across all Blogs on your Portal. All comments and pingbacks  are checked with Akismet automatically. As an admin you do have an additional option to mark or unmark a SPAM . Every time you do so, if Akismet is enabled, the behavior (Spam or Ham) is reported to Akismet as well. This provides a feedback to Akismet and helps improve the accuracy.

Please note: Any alerts that you or your readers have set up must pass through the Akismet SPAM filters before they’re visible. SpeedBlog enforces multiple anti-SPAM policies very aggressively and we don’t intend to change this behavior. The Admins, Editors and Moderators can check the present status and override a false detection (with a feedback to Akismet).


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