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Posted By SB Support on Monday, July 05, 2010

Using Windows Live Writer with SpeedBlogThis manual walks you through the setup procedures required to get up and running with Windows Live Writer and SpeedBlog. Applicable to versions v01.00.01 or higher.

Download and install metaPost

SpeedBlog uses metaPost CE or Professional editions to provide you Windows Live Writer support. We highly recommend the Professional version to get the full advantage of advanced SpeedBlog features. Please download metaPost and install using Host->Module Definitions->Install before you proceed further.

Download and install Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer provides you a full featured desktop application to Blog without the need to dabble with web forms or HTML knowledge. Please download Windows Live Writer and install on your desktop before you proceed further.

Configure metaPost

There’s not much configuration needed to get metaPost working. You just have to make sure metaPost has been dropped as a module on at least one page in your portal (which can be anywhere).

Add metaPost instance to at least one page

There is however a configuration step needed if you’re configuring metaPost to work on an additional portal. metaPost needs to be enabled for specific portals by the host user. Please use the administration control of metaPost to configure these settings.


Configure SpeedBlog

To allow a user to connect through Windows Live Writer, appropriate permissions must be set in SpeedBlog. Host users are not allowed to connect via WLW unless you’re using SSL. A user can have editorial access by way of either DNN Roles or SpeedBlog Roles or may have been given permissions to administer either a Blog or a Post.

manage Editorial permissions via SpeedBlog roles

Users who already have editorial access at a higher privilege level will not show up in subsequent levels. For example if Aaron is a member of SpeedBlog_Editors role, he already has permissions to manage all the aspects of all the Blogs on a portal. His username will not even appear in the Blog Editors or Post Editor’s list.

The Blog Editors have access only to a particular Blog and can be set from the Manage Blogs page.

Manage SpeedBlog Editorial permissions on a per Blog basis

A similar setting exists for every Post which can be used to grant editorial rights to others strictly on a per post basis. Please also note that as the privilege drops down in the hierarchy, limits of what editors are allowed to do also changes. Please refer to the post about roles, permissions and limits to understand who can do what. Being a Global Editor is quite different than being a Post Editor!

Configuring Windows Live Writer

Fire up WLW and from the Tools, choose the Accounts menu

WLW: Tools, Accounts

Click on Add an account

Add a new Blog account

Choose Other Blog Service

Choose other Blog service

Type down the URL of your website, username and password

type the URL to your domain name

In the next screen, choose blog type MetaWebLog API, type http://YourSiteName/metapost.ashx?key=speedblog

Remember to substitute you actual domain name in the URL textbox.

Choose MetaWebLog API as the Blog Type

Please note: The username you type must have editorial permissions either on all Blogs on the portal (using SpeedBlog_Editors role or being the admin) or on a per Blog basis (using Blog settings) or on a per post basis (using post options).


Once WLW verifies your username and password and that you have access, it will ask if it can publish a Theme detection post.

Allow Windows Live Writer to publish a temp post to SpeedBlog


Before proceeding further, ensure that your blog is published and visible to an unauthenticated user. If you do not have your Blog published, WLW will not be able to find out the theme or the final Blog URL.

Make sure your Blog is publicly visible


Click Yes to enable WLW to detect your theme.

Allow WLW to download Editing theme by making a test post

You should be able to save the account with a Blog Nick Name.

Finish Setting up your Blog with WLW

That’s all the steps needed to configure Windows Live Writer. There are however two different scenarios that we have not yet covered.

Additional Scenarios


If a user has editorial access to multiple Blogs, Windows Live Writer will ask you to choose the Blog for which you’re creating an account.

Multiple Blogs.

Another scenario is when you rename the Blog page. Windows Live Writer needs to know your new publishing URL again. one way to correct this situation is to go to your metaPost Administration URL and delete SpeedBlog from the Provider  configuration

use metaPost Provider Configuration


  1. Delete the WLW account associated with the old page or update with the steps mentioned above to refresh new settings.
  2. If you’re using URLMaster to manage your friendly URL settings, you can just set up a permanent redirect from the old URL to the new one.

Use ifinity's URLMaster to setup a redirect


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