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The Most Powerful and feature rich DNN Blog Module for Dotnetnuke

Direct import from DNN Blog

Import directly from DNN Blog

import directly from DNN Blog. Including Categories, tags and comments. SpeedBlog's Active SEO features ensure your old links are automatically redirected to the new URLs, retaining your old Search Engine ratings.
Custom RSS Handler

Custom RSS

Every Speedblog module can be customized to show posts using a specific criteria. Custom RSS modules replicate the same criteria with SEO optimizations and abuse protection in place.
Threaded comments

Threaded Comments

No more guess work about who said what to whom. SpeedBlog renders threaded comments which makes it easier for all visitors as well as the admins to follow the conversation
Active Search Engine Optimization SEO

Active SEO

SpeedBlog goes much beyond just providing meta tag insertions. SpeedBlog provides pro-active search engine optimization, monitors performance and enhances or suggests tweaks for you to gain the best possible insights and leverage SEO effectively.
multiple editors

Multiple Editors!

Post via the standard DNN FCKEditor or the Telerik Editor or the much more powerful  obout Editor or via Windows Live Writer.  SpeedBlog can work with your favorite editor. You choose!
Akismet SPAM protection Akismet SPAM Protection.
The single most piece of annoying functionality in most Blogging systems is “Captcha.”  SpeedBlog uses Akismet, the best anti-SPAM solution to filter your comments and pingbacks.
multiple authors

Multiple Authors

SpeedBlog allows you to have as many authors as you like. For a whole Blog! or just a post … You can even invite an author to do a guest post for you.
Powerful Image management

Powerful Image Management

How much of a time do you have to spend to get an image right? With SpeedBlog, the answer is none. All you do is upload the image and SpeedBlog will manage its size, margins and placements. Everywhere! Including inserting thumbnails in summary! Freedom inspires better ideas.
Visitor Profile Tracking

Visitor Profiles

SpeedBlog implements advanced tracking mechanisms to identify repeat friend visits and first time visitors. It can even remember them so they can go be auto approved to comment. And they don’t even need to fill their name again!  You can also share some of your SEO love with them if you so decide!
Full Localization including IDN support Full Localization support
Speedblog’s entire backend and the UI including the administrative interface can be transformed to your language.
Tags Categories SEO Suggestions

Categories and Tags

Some people do not understand the differences between Categories and Tags. They don’t need to. But your blogging platform should. With advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques on Tags and Categories, SpeedBlog drives and optimizes your traffic, automatically. 
Multiple Blogs, Roles, DNN Security, privacy and more

Multiple Blogs, Roles, security and more

Manage multiple blogs, multiple editors, publish your posts on single, multiple or even dedicated pages. SpeedBlog makes things easy for you to do the first time and if you change your mind it makes it even more easier to rearrange it.
Comment and Pingback updates by Email

Email updates

Get notified when someone comments. Or let them be notified when someone replies to their comment. Or let them watch and monitor a whole post! SpeedBlog makes it easy to follow and participate in conversations by providing timely email updates. 
Seamlessly transition old URLs

Seamlessly transition old URLs

Whether you imported your blog posts from DNN Blog or just changed their Titles, SpeedBlog has multiple SEO friendly strategies to transition your URLs to the new format ones while still retaining the search engine’s indexed advantage. With zero effort required from you!
Manual or Automatic Related Posts

Related Posts

Let SpeedBlog automatically manage and show related posts based upon user interaction behavior or SEO feedback. Or specify them manually. Either way, SpeedBlog can work its magic in more ways than one in increasing user engagement on your Blogs.
Automatic Smiley Conversion

The magical Smileys

SpeedBlog automatically converts to Yahoo messenger smileys for common shortcuts in comments. Making your conversation livelier and encouraging participation.
Social networking

Social networking right on your Blog

SpeedBlog connects you to social networks in more ways than one. In ways that benefit you without penalizing your site with numerous outgoing links to (often) harvestor sites.
Kepp SPAM at bay. Autoclose Comments and pingbacks

Keep SPAM at bay

SPAM becomes a problem usually much after you’ve forgotten about a Blog post. SpeedBlog can automatically close comments or pingbacks on a post if you so decide. Or if your Blog policy so mandates!
Customizable plugins and view modules

Customizable Plugins and View modules

Need a separate view for most popular posts? There’s a plugin for almost any view you may need. Most commented, featured recently posted, customizable by a Blog or a category or a combination, you don’t need to even peek at code to create a new template.
all ajax interface

All Ajax interface

When its time to write, you don’t want to be dealing with endless clicks just to be able to change a setting. Most SpeedBlog modules allow you to change settings in-place using powerful AJAX interface.
Free fully functional trial for 30 days

The list of features is really long

We understand we’ve built far more features than we can possibly explain on one page. SpeedBlog comes ready to use with a fully functional trial version for a whole month! We’re that confident you’d love it. 
archives, calendar,search integration,RSS auto discovery, RSD headers, plugins and more

SpeedBlog also has …

Ajax Archives, Ajax Calendar, Advanced DNN search integration with images, RSS Auto discovery, multiple extension, multiple plugins, top views, top posts, public or friend blog posts, Gravatars and much much more!

Minimum Installation Requirements

SpeedBlog is not for everybody. For the vast array of features that SpeedBlog supports, it pretty much needs an installation where you have full administrative control. SpeedBlog requires a minimum configuration as below:
  • DNN 5.1 or higher
  • Installation on root Portal. Child Portals are not supported
  • .NET 3.5 or higher
  • Ajax.NET 1.0 or higher
  • SQL Server 2005 or higher (installation on MS SQL 2000 may succeed but is not supported)
  • Full Trust Level
  • ReflectionPermission, WebPermission, AspNetHostingPermission
  • In addition to above, your ISP must not block outgoing connections from your Web Application.
Version Comparison Matrix








DotNetNuke Installations 1 1 1 10
Portal Limits 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Support 1 incident   30 days/3 incidents 90 days/5 incidents
Major Updates   30 days 1 year 1 year
Branding Text Text    
Beta version access      
Themes   Local only
Permission to Sell Custom Themes    
Standard features are included in all versions